• 2015
  • Special Report
  • In this report, brokers and employers share their opinions about providers of non-medical employee benefits, as well as key characteristics of those providers. The report also contains information on readership of insurance-industry publications. Findings for this report are based on a survey conducted in September and October, 2015 among roughly 650 group employee specialists (346 employers and 301 brokers).
  • 2015
  • Benefits Briefing
  • Based on the results of an online survey conducted in April, 2015 among more than 600 benefits professionals, this report focuses on one-to-one enrollment services and outsourcing benefits administration. Brokers and employers share their opinions on important attributes for one-to-one enrollment, top of mind carriers for one-to-one enrollment and more. Participants also report on their experiences with the use of benefits administration platforms and private exchanges for outsourcing the administration of non-medical benefits.