• 2006
  • Special Report
  • This report considers the connection between a reliable income stream and a content retirement. Published in August of 2007, findings are drawn from a range of sources, including a study conducted by the Center for Strategy Research on behalf of the Retirement Income Industry Association. This study helps to explain why consumers are not saving enough for retirement, discusses confusion around existing products, and explores products being developed by benefits carriers that can help employees to create retirement income.
  • 2006
  • Benefits Briefing
  • Based on an information exchange launched in November, 2006 among more than 250 brokers and close to 100 benefits decision-makers, this report gauges interest in a variety of trends. Benefits managers react to the concept of "lifestage bundles," to the ability to benchmark against their peers, and to the growing trend toward offering voluntary benefits. Brokers give their views on factors they consider when recommending carriers, the use and importance of voluntary benefits, and on interest in the multi-carrier model for benefit offerings to employees.