The National Employee Benefits Advisory Forum (NEBAF)
is an exclusive organization formed to exchange information, advice, and opinions concerning employee benefits among benefits providers, brokers, consultants, and HR leaders.


Did you know… that NEBAF hosts several information exchanges a year, and each time you participate, you can earn at least a $20 Amazon gift card or direct at least $20 to charity?

NEBAF contributes to its members’ success by:

  1. Informing benefits providers about products and services that brokers/consultants and HR leaders need, based on anonymous feedback from brokers/consultants and HR leaders;
  2. Providing HR leaders with new insights and information that can improve their benefits strategies and offerings to their employees;
  3. Providing brokers & consultants with insights and information that they can use to improve sales and marketing strategies for introducing new products and services to their clients.


Did you know… that by joining NEBAF, you will be able to access dozens of reports it has published, including various special reports?

Membership in NEBAF offers several benefits:

  • An exclusive opportunity to directly influence the products and services from employee benefits providers. Your opinions matter — and this is one confidential and highly effective way to make sure your ideas and needs are heard and understood.
  • Valuable, up-to-date information about important trends in employee benefits through exclusive custom reports. These reports feature new and critical information.
  • Results from exchanges and consultations in which you participate so that you can be among the first to know and share information about new products and services, as well as other benefits trends.
  • Other rewards — such as books, discounts, and opportunities to earn cash compensation or contribute to a charity — for participating in information exchanges.


Did you know… that since its formation in 2006, NEBAF has donated nearly $50,000 to a range of charitable organizations, including American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, The Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Autism Speaks?

There is no obligation or cost to be a member of NEBAF.

NEBAF will reach out to you about a number of information exchange opportunities throughout the year, and we hope that you will take the time to participate and share your views and experiences. Members can participate in as many or as few exchanges as they would like.


Join now and you’ll receive full access to the NEBAF library and its dozens of cutting-edge reports.


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More questions about NEBAF? Please visit the FAQ page.